We are passionate about continuously improving our sporting prowess and are very proud of what we have achieved from a pupil body that is still small in comparison to many of the schools we play against.
Grace College has achieved significant results both within the school league and the club leagues, within which we compete. Our pupils play to win and the skill level is continuously improving in terms of the main-stream school sports of Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Netball, Squash, Indoor Hockey, Cross Country and Tennis.
We are also fortunate to have pupils who have competed both locally and internationally in some of the non-traditional schools sports, including Mountain Biking, Equestrian and Golf which are recognised school sports. Additionally, at Grace College, we include sports such as; Motor Sport, Downhill Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and Martial Arts for awards consideration.
We believe that healthy physical activity is an important part of every child’s development and continuously strive to instil a health conscious mindset within all our pupils.


Our location provides a scenic environment for sportsmen and women to develop their sporting skills and our growing facilities already include:

  • Two cricket ovals
  • Two hockey fields
  • Two rugby fields
  • Four soccer fields
  • Four tennis courts
  • Two basketball courts,
  • Three netball courts, and
  • Excellent cross-country routes.
We are also very fortunate to have access to mountain biking tracks, an astroturf for our boys’ and girls’ 1st hockey teams as well as a swimming pool. Grace College is currently developing an expansion blue-print, which will include an indoor sports facility, gym and ablution facilities capitalising on the stunning views the location offers.

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