Tarryn Plaatjes in Grade 12 at started ballet while still at pre-primary. In Grade 6 she was introduced to Spanish dancing and has been doing Spanish dancing for 6 years.
This year Tarryn seized the opportunity to travel to Spain to attend courses and workshops with Flamenco professionals.  In Madrid she did a course on basic footwork technique at Centro de Arte Flamenco Y Danza Espanola Amor De Dios. In Malaga she did a course with a master of Castanets at Ursula Moreno Centro Cultural and Flamenco, here she learnt Alegrias and Basic Castanet technique. In Seville Tarryn practised Alegrias, Sevillana, Bata de Cola (Tail skirt technique) and Manton (Shawl technique).
 She attended Flamenco shows in all three cities and got to experience the different styles of flamenco performed by male and female professionals, as well as by a family of Gypsies.
 A highlight was to be part of the Feria de Seville that was founded in 1846, a national Flamenco festival which happens yearly in Seville. It is steeped in tradition and lasts for just over a week. This is the most popular fiesta in Seville and a highlight of the cultural agenda for the entire country. Tarryn attended a Flamenco show at the Museum of Flamenco Dance while in Seville. In between the workshops she visited tourist attractions like the Madrid Tulip Museum in the Botanical gardens, Museo Picasso Malaga, Metropol Parasol.
 Tarryn plays piano and still loves Ballet, but her creative passion, musicality and natural flair are all realised through Flamenco dance.

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