Debbie Preston, a teacher and co-owner of Knight Security Solutions, delivered a personal safety presentation at Grace College recently. The aim of her talk was to alert pupils and staff to be aware of the responsibility they personally have to protect themselves from danger. The talk was loosely based on the colour code system of mental awareness, developed by the late Jeff Cooper (May 10, 1920 – September 25, 2006) who was a US Marine.
The “Color Code” has been taught by police instructors for many years. Cooper broke down situational awareness into four levels of escalating degrees of preparation for police use of deadly force. This system is a mental process, not a physical one, and should be utilized whether or not you are armed. Being alert may help you to avoid a deadly threat in the first place, which is always the preferred outcome.
This was a valuable reminder of what we can all do to improve our level of personal safety on a daily basis just by changing how we think.
Source: Wikipedia

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