The annual Grade 9 Afrikaans Dinner is a memorable evening founded by Cecile Hackland, who teaches Afrikaans and Music. Students host the evening where we listen primarily to Afrikaans and yet are also reminded to recognise the wonder of understanding and speaking more than one language. This year we welcomed special guests Father Allan Moss, Denisé Plaatjes and Nicolene White as well as members of our extended Grace College family who translated and presented the excerpt below from English to Afrikaans, Zulu, Hindi, Urdu, German, Hebrew, French and Latin. The wonder of being multilingual means that we love our mother tongue but we also communicate with others, by listening to their language.A person understands the heart of another when one can think, sing and chat in his or her language. Two groups of students and the parents competed in a quiz competition; which last night was won by the parents. 

Pictured here L-R: Father Allen Moss, Denisé Plaatjes, Nicolene White and Cecile Hackland.

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