Grace College welcomes a new Head of Sport.


We are excited to welcome Mrs Faye Coverdale as the Head of Sport at our College. Faye brings a wealth of experience and passion to our Sports programme.

“As a professional Sports Administrator, and for as long as I can remember, I have always been an active person and have enjoyed competitive sport at a variety of levels.

I believe sport is an integral foundation to any educational curriculum and fully supports a holistic approach to education, which involves as much a focus on sport and the numerous life lessons it has to offer, as the academic component. I look forward to bringing this component to Grace and the Sports Department and ensuring all learners have an opportunity to enjoy sport, irrespective of their abilities.

The wheel has indeed done a complete revolution and I now find myself back at Grace College after an absence of 17 years. The same amount of time that I have been happily married, so yes, you can blame my wonderful husband for the absence. As a mother of 3 gorgeous children, one of which is a pupil at Grace, I look forward to them enjoying the Grace experience and an educational opportunity which is an extension of my faith in Jesus Christ.”

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