Ten months ago the entire Grace College family were shattered to receive news that Mrs Jana Auge had breast cancer. By the grace of God Mrs Auge faced the road she had to journey with peace and dignity. Through chemotherapy sessions, surgery and radiation Mrs Auge faithfully trusted that this was a race she would win with the help of her father, God. Her unwavering strength and conviction have portrayed an amazing lesson for all who were privileged to bear witness to her trial. Today in assembly Mrs Auge shared a photograph of herself winning a sprint at age 13, an image which she kept in mind as a reminder of victory. She also performed a most beautiful, prayerful song which she had written. A song describing the protection and peace she found in her faith which Mrs Auge has titled ‘I have Peace’. The school rose and gave her a standing ovation as we all shared in this momentous acknowledgement of the power of prayer and obedience.

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