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School Fee Structure

Please find the 2019 fee structure below:

1. Payment:

The following options are offered for the payment of school fees:

  • Monthly payment of school fees by debit order only over 10 months. A fee of R200 will be charged for debit orders that are not honoured by the bank. Debit orders will run on the 15th or 28th of the month, or the closest working day thereof.
  • Annual payment before the 31st January 2019 will attract a 5% early settlement discount on tuition fees only.
  • Annual payment before the 28th February 2019 will attract a 2.5% early settlement discount on tuition fees only.
  • Cash deposits, out of the country payments will attract a bank fee and this will be charged to one’s account.
  • Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at 2% above the prime overdraft rate.

2. Sibling discounts:

  • Second child - 15%
  • Third child - 20%
  • Fourth child - 25%

3. New Enrolments:

  • Application fee: R 500 payable on application to Grace College
  • Acceptance fee: R3 500 non-refundable fee paid to secure a place at Grace College.

4. Levies: Additional costs which are excluded from the fees structure are:

  • School and Sport Uniform.
  • Stationery and Workbooks.
  • School Camps: The school will continue to subsidise compulsory camps for each grade, however in order to ensure your child’s learning experience is always meaningful and valuable, parents will in future be required to make a contribution to all camps and away trips (costs to be determined and communicated prior to each camp)
  • Special Outings / Tours: cost will be notified prior to each event.
  • Technology Levy: R 2 850 pa: payable over 10 months
  • Development Levy: R 950 pa: payable over 10 months
  • PA Levy: R400 pa: payable over 10 months
  • Annual School Magazine: R 70: payable in February.

5. A full term’s notice is required in writing for the withdrawal of pupils from the school.

Grades 8 - 9 Annual 1 x R72 500 R72 500
  Monthly 10 x R7 250 R72 500
Grade 10 - 11 Annual 1 x R78 400 R78 400
  Monthly 10 x R7 840 R78 400
Grade 12 Annual 1 x R84 200 R84 200
  Monthly 10 x R8 420 R84 200
 LEVIES (8-12) Monthly Annual
 Development  R285  R2 850
 Technology  R95  R950
 PA Levy  R40  R400
 School bus - morning  R880  R8 800
The school’s banking details are as follows:
Pietermaritzburg Branch
Branch Code: 057525
Account No: 052112101
Please use your child’s name and surname and/or account number as a reference and e-mail/fax a copy of the deposit transaction to (033) 343 4834 or