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Cultural Programme

Grace College has a wide and varied range of cultural activities to cater for almost every pupil’s area of interest.
Our philosophy is one based on developing all the gifts a child possesses and, wherever possible, we will find a way to work with the child and his/her family to find a mechanism to expand and extend their talent. Most of these activities have a vibrant attendance from a diverse range of pupils and many of the activities have benefited from a particular pupil’s passion to take it to new heights.
Being a young and dynamic school we have the opportunity to provide innovative and creative approaches to many of these activities which are driven by dedicated staff members who are involved in an activity that provides an outlet for their own personal hobbies and areas of interest. Our activities have included the following but are, from time to time, expanded or reduced depending on the amount of interest shown for a particular activity: 
  • Apologetics
  • Art
  • Art and Photo Auction / Exhibition
  • Ballroom Dancing (Grade 10s)
  • Chess League
  • Choir & Chamber Choir
  • Critical Thinking (Gr9s)
  • Debating (League and Interhouse)
  • Drama (Production or House Play)
  • General Knowledge (Olympiad and Interhouse)
  • Grahamstown Arts Festival Tour
  • House Plays / Production
  • Interhouse public speaking
  • Music
  • Night Market
  • Photography
  • Pottery
  • Speechcraft by Toastmasters
  • Talent Show
Please share with us at your interview any particular area of interest your child has and we will make every effort to provide an outlet for it, within the confines of the school’s capacity.