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1st and 2nd place for Senior Boys at Trashion Show

The Dargle Conservancy’s annual Trashion Show is a celebration of the creative use of waste. Trash fashion is created each year at Grace College in art class by our Grade 9 students, so this event provided them with the perfect platform to showcase their designs and to see what others are doing.

In the Senior Boys category Brynn Parry won first prize in his own creation and Gareth Edwards placed second. Gareth kindly modelled the outfit on behalf of Erin Lane as she could not attend. This outfit was designed by Erin Lane, Sebastion Homan, Caylin Muller and Alex Kuhn.

Larissa Van Wyk and Ashlee Rock won prizes for attention to detail in the completion of their designs in the Senior Girls category. Larissa's dress was designed by herself, Nicholas De Klerk, Donovan Baugh, Erin Crookes and Ashlee Rock while Ashlee wore a design by Gareth Edwards, Ross Huxtable and Karl Rindfleisch.

Grace College is so proud of the collaborative efforts and enthusiasm of all these students.