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Everything You Need to Know About US & UK Universities

Are you interested in learning about undergraduate studies in the US or UK for your children?
Since 2015, Crimson Education has supported students from across the globe to secure 99 offers to Ivy League schools, 37 to Oxford and Cambridge and more than 330 offers to the top 50 schools in the US.
Come along to the US & UK University Information Session to get answers to five big questions:
1) How are US & UK universities different?
2) What are the benefits?
3) How does one apply?
4) How much does it cost?
5) How can Crimsons global team support South African applicants?
Other points include:
- The benefits of studying overseas - employability, experience, independence, networking and more
- The common reasons South African students apply overseas
- The types of students that get accepted into Ivy League schools and/or Oxford/Cambridge
- Strategies for applying and how to maintain local universities as an alternative
- Common mistakes South African students make when applying to overseas universities
- Timeline for applications
- How to balance the application process and final year studies
- Information for parents including university support and safety
- How Crimson Education works, the team you could be working with and where to find more information.
For more information please contact Micaela Paterson at or +27734987272