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Grahamstown Arts Festival Tour 2017

During the July hoilday a group of 16, comprised of pupils, parents and staff, visited the Grahamstown Arts Festival.
“Rob van Vuuren was the perfect actor to play the disturbed character in Louis Viljoen’s Dangled. His status as a prolific South African comedian is darkly deceiving in this piece, as his character flows seamlessly between victim and perpetrator, frighteningly narcissistic and devastatingly vulnerable”. (Amy Pieterse)
This piece showcased van Vuuren’s extraordinary versatility as an actor and gave his audience a heart-wrenching view of the complexity and tragedy of mental disturbance.
Pictured here L-R: Liam Thresher, Bianca Santoro, Rob van Vuuren (who played the disturbed character in Louis Viljoen’s Dangled), Milan Comley and Hayden Luck.