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A heart for the impoverished

Lara Botha, a matric pupil at Grace College recently arrived at the farm where she stables her horse to find that one of the grooms had fallen off the stable roof and had hurt her ankle very badly. Lara used her first aid skills to bandage the leg and with her mother’s help they took the injured groom home to where she lives in Lions River.

To Lara’s horror they discovered that this lady lives in a little wooden shack, covered with plastic to stop the roof from leaking and with a door that does not close properly. Inside this house they noted a bed with very old blankets, a pillow as thin as cardboard and an old glass bottle with a candle in. Lara was shocked, not because she did not know that poverty existed but because someone she regularly interacted with lived at such an extreme level of poverty.

Lara said, “That night, I felt God tell me to go out the next day and buy this lady a blanket and pillow, so I did. I ended up taking her some canned food as well when I went to go see her. Her reaction to me giving her this stuff touch me in ways I have not yet figured out how to express, but I will remember this forever. It was incredible for me to see how doing something so simple for someone can have the most extraordinary impact.”

This experience motivated Lara to initiate a blanket drive at Grace College to help the people in need in the Lions River Township. There is a box in the foyer for new or used blankets and if anyone wishes to contribute, the collection for this community will continue until mid-term, 17 August 2017.