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William Luxford places 15th in Impi Hard Enduro

William Luxford completed the "Impi Hard Enduro" at Tugela Ferry this past weekend. This is one of the toughest races of the year, they raced for three days.

On Thursday they did 30km time trials to see where they would start the next day. The top 50 guys started first the next day, of which William was one (he came 24th), then the rest followed. There were 600 riders. You race gold, silver or bronze and William did gold.

On the Friday they raced 120km, 7-9 hours through very rough terrain and crossing rivers. Saturday is a repeat of Friday. 120km over, 7-9 hours.

Congratulations to William who finished gold in 15th position.

To view footage watch Kings of Dirt on channel 208 on Fridays as they normally televise these events.