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Outreach at Emandleni Creche Vegetable Garden

Kitted out with gardening tools, seedlings and plenty of packets of seeds which had been generously given by the Grace College staff, a team of Grade 8 and 9 pupils headed to Emandleni Creche Vegetable Garden. There they found a very large vegetable garden that was being managed by a handful of elderly ladies. These Gogos sell the vegetables to raise money for the creche and community.
They set to work and ploughed, prepared and planted a field with 52 new rows of vegetables! With the Gogos, we made a very efficient team and they were only too happy to pass on their gardening wisdom to us.
Since the garden has no taps, the boys took on the task of repeatedly filling large drums with water to irrigate the newly planted vegetables.
The students worked tirelessly with enthusiasm all morning. Every single one on the team contributed and the Gogos repeatedly voiced their gratitude.