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Grade 9 Games inspired by 'The Hunger Games'

On Wednesday 22nd March, Grace College Grade 9 pupils took part in an experiential outdoors learning day inspired by their Term 1 set text, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
The Grace Grade 9 Games, and preparations, took place at school and in the tree plantations close to the school. The pupils were given various tasks which involved: creating and presenting ideas for their own new Reality TV show, forming alliances and devising an alliance name and war cry, designing and building camouflaged shelters and capturing other alliance flags. During the course of the activities, the pupils also moved into pair and individual work for the strategic and physically demanding elimination challenge (think tag rugby in a large area of forest), where pupils had to defend their ‘3 lives’ whilst taking the ‘lives’ of other students.
Congratulations to the following Grade 9 prize winners:
• The Female Victors: 1st place, Airen De La Mare, 2nd place, Bathebile Ndulini and 3rd place, Victoria Rillett.
• The Male Victors: 1st place, Philasande Ndlovu, 2nd place Cebolenkosi Dlamini, 3rd place Samuel Moore.
• The most effective female game strategist: 1st place Airen De La Mare with 13 conquests.
• The most effective male strategists: 1st place Cebolenkosi Dlamini with 29 conquests, 2nd place Philasande Ndlovu with 23 conquests, 3rd place Robert Mitchell with 17 conquests.
• The Shelter Alliance Winners: 1st place The Rangers Alliance, 2nd The New Era Alliance.
• Best new Reality TV Show concept and sales pitch (which was voted for by the students): 1st place ‘Make it or Break it’ featuring Rebecca Briscoe and Nonie Zondi and Prudance Tauyatswala. 2nd place ‘Gummy Bear Grylls’ presented by Danella Bray, Conrad Mayer and Donovan Bornman.
• Best Alliance war cry: 1st place The Black Beasts Alliance and 2nd place The Shield Alliance.
The post event feedback shows that the day continues to be a popular and effective one but with a new request for a water-based game to be added to the programme, to help counteract the 30 degree heat.